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Shichida Method Education Offers
a Wide Variety of Courses

Pre-Natal Course

Through all three trimesters

You can start prenatal education from the moment you discover you are pregnant!
It's no exaggeration to say that prenatal education is the key to raising healthy and intelligent children whose hearts are fulfilled.
Originally, prenatal education means creating the optimal environment for an unborn baby by keeping the expectant mother's mind calm and stress-free. Making the most of this optimal environment is the first way a mother and father can convey love to their unborn baby.

Activity Examples:

  • Image Training
  • Maternity Exercise
  • Daily Life Guidance

Baby Course

From 1 to 5 Months Old

Your baby's first experience with Shichida lessons can begin just weeks after he or she is born. These lessons focus on physical and sensory stimuli and will help you build a sense of unity with your baby. At this age, babies sleep for most of the day and do not move around much, but this doesn't mean they don't understand their surroundings. It is the period when their ability to absorb information is at its highest. Their brains are developing rapidly, according to the stimulation they receive.
Before fully immersing yourself and your child in Shichida Method education, this course will allow you to start with a few activities that can only be implemented during this phase. This course will relieve your worries by teaching you what you can do for your baby at this early stage.

Activity Examples:

  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Baby Exercise and Massage

Early Childhood Course

6 Months to 6 ½ Years Old

It is our most popular course, particularly with one to three-year-old children.
The golden period of children's growth is the period when their brain develops the most. During this growth period, children's brains are programmed to be significantly influenced by their environment.
Their growing talents and abilities seek the optimal environment.
Furthermore, the sensory circuitry in the brain develops by receiving stimuli through the five senses including sight, sound, and touch. In other words, input circuits form in the brain.
Infancy is a critical period because children's talents start to bloom at this time. Parents can effectively draw out their children's abilities by appropriately stimulating their brains during this period.
Shichida Method instructors will help guide your child with a program suitable for his or her current chronological age and developmental stage.

Activity Examples:

  • Image Training
  • Memory Training
  • Critical Thinking, Literacy, Numeracy

Primary Course

Three years of follow-up study after the Early Childhood Course ends

This course was created at the request of Shichida graduates who didn't want to stop attending our Centers!
This course helps to develop children's inventiveness, cognitive faculties, and expressiveness using a balanced, whole-brain approach. This program teaches self-study habits and maintains the motivation to learn, which are directly linked to the child's school education. It also provides an all-round education, guiding children to develop a sense of leadership so they have high aspirations and can represent the next generation with a strong sense of humanity. Our instructors boost children's confidence to tackle new tasks, raise their self-esteem and foster their expressiveness and ability to smoothly communicate their opinions and ideas to the people around them.

Activity Examples:

  • Study of Historical Figures
  • Memory Training
  • Independent Research

Special Needs Course

One-on-one sessions given as needed

These are the happiest classes you have ever seen. The unique lessons target an individual child's needs and seek to develop his or her skills at an appropriate level and pace. They produce surprising results beyond anyone's expectations.
We prepare a custom-made program for each child according to his or her developmental needs.
Our original method draws out the child's innate abilities with activities such as image training, memory training and so on.

Activity Examples:

  • Image Training
  • Critical Thinking, Literacy, Numeracy
  • Sensory Exercise

Senior Course

Group Sessions at Senior Centers
(Japan Only)

Stay mentally active through your golden years! In aging countries like Japan, there is a high demand for this type of course.
Through various mental and physical stimuli, seniors can start to regain abilities they thought were lost and feel a sense of pleasure, achievement, and fulfillment.
This course is proven to increase the MMSE (Mini-Mental State Examination) score and will enhance the daily life and emotional health of senior citizens.

Not all courses may be currently offered at your local Center.
Feel free to ask your Center about availability and make requests based on your individual situtation.
We will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.
Find out where your child stands in areas of physical, sensory, language, and social development. We will use a Developmental Assessment Index to assess your child before he or she begins the program.
Progress Checks
We do not compare your child with his or her peers or siblings. We only compare your child to what he was yesterday. We will periodically assess your child using the Developmental Assessment Index to show you how your child is progressing.
This is the core of our method. It is designed to produce guaranteed results in any child who regularly attends a Shichida Center. Lessons consist of a pre-lesson, main lesson, and post-lesson activities. In the main portion of the lesson, children learn comprehensive skills, including critical thinking, literacy, and numeracy. The program systematically builds children's skills through adequate repetition. This will ensure that your child permanently retains the concepts and skills that he or she is learning.
Parental Guidance

Parents and caregivers will receive guidance from the instructor at the end of each lesson. They will learn the meaning behind each activity and discuss how they can apply what they learned in the lesson to their activities at home. Centers also offer informative educational sessions on parenting techniques, dietary education, etc. for parents and caregivers to deepen their knowledge of the Shichida Method.

Dietary Education

The Shichida Method places importance on developing a child's heart and mind. But a healthy diet is an essential part of developing academic and emotional skills. A growing child's wellbeing and performance depends largely on what he or she consumes. Shichida provides parents with dietary advice based on the latest research results. A healthy body and brain must take priority over everything else.

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