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Copycat Schools and Counterfeit Products

An Original Method

Shichida Educational Institute has delivered the Shichida Method as an authentic educational method throughout the last sixty years using extensive research and practice. Developing our know-how and original Shichida learning materials are the core of our mission. The essence of our lessons and materials is to purposely draw out children’s hidden abilities. It is only natural for children to improve by leaps and bounds through the Shichida Method. However, only licensed Shichida Centers and genuine Shichida products will guarantee the high-level of results that customers have come to expect from Shichida.

Copycat Schools

Please be aware that there are many copycat schools pretending to be authentic Shichida Centers. All licensed Shichida Centers are listed here. If you encounter a Center that is not included here, please forward its information, including a photo, to us using this inquiry form . It could be a new Center with an authentic license that has not yet been uploaded to the country’s website, OR it could be an unauthorized copycat school. Either way, we contact you as soon as possible.
To become an authorized licensee, an owner must undergo a rigorous screening process. In addition, owners must maintain their status by regularly attending extensive training courses that include the latest research results. Establishing and running a copycat school is a crime. It is unethical and undermines our reputation. However, the worst crime committed is the one against the innocent children and parents who are deceived into believing that they are receiving Shichida Method education when they are not. These children unknowingly miss out on the golden period when they can flourish.

Counterfeit Products

Unfortunately, the circulation of counterfeit teaching materials and products is also on the rise. Authorized Shichida materials are only sold through our Shichida shopping site, authorized retailers within and outside of Japan and authorized Shichida Centers and their individual shopping sites. For a list of authorized retailers in your area, please contact us or the authorized Centers in your area. All other products in circulation are of unknown origin. Products purchased from dealers other than our authorized dealers are not subject to our warranty guarantees. Please be aware that we will not accept exchanges, returns or refunds for these products under any circumstances.
The resale of licensed products or the production or buying and selling of imitation products is prohibited by law. If you encounter any illegal imitations of Shichida original educational materials or products, or any suspicious retailers or Centers, please contact us using this inquiry form. Once we confirm your report, we will offer you a credit or gift certificate for your time, effort, and loyalty.

Protecting Intellectual Property

The Shichida Method and Shichida original learning materials are protected by Intellectual Property Rights both within and outside Japan. Our legal department constantly monitors illegal activities including copies or imitations of our Centers or materials. Several illegal activities have been brought to court and prosecuted. Please join us in our efforts to protect Shichida authenticity by choosing only authorized Shichida Centers and genuine Shichida products.

Shichida Educational Institute Legal Department
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