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Shichida Method education is not complete without our original educational materials packed with know-how.

Having the right material for every activity is essential for delivering a successful lesson.
At Shichida, we have a vast collection of learning materials designed for every stage of a child’s development.
We offer manipulatives, flashcards, Dot cards, puzzles, mazes, tangrams, worksheets, music, and language-learning materials.
Our product line-up includes over 11,500 different learning materials, many of them Shichida originals.
Parents can also support their child's development at home by ordering select Shichida products through their local Center.
Also, Shichida books and publications can be purchased through your local Center or bookstores in the selected countries.


Makoto Shichida wrote 160 books on education.
The following titles have been translated and published outside of Japan:

Love, Praise, and Accept

How should parents view parenting from infancy through grade school years? Love, Praise, and Accept is a guiding principle that applies all the way through to adulthood.
(Available in Japanese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese)

33 Lessons to Create a Genius Brain

The essence of the Shichida Method's neuroscientific parenting explained; Parents can easily implement these thirty-three lessons at home with their children.
(Available in Japanese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese)

70 Habits of Parents with Smart Children

This book reexamines a parent's role and presents wisdom and concrete examples of how to develop your child through positive thinking. Solve your problems using useful hints such as, "Encourage your child by saying 'You can definitely do it!'", "Help your child rather than putting them through a crash course" and "Use the 'Echo Method' to transform a child who dislikes studying into a studious child", etc.
(Available in Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean)

Children Can Change through Right Brain Education

Explains how to use the Shichida Method to draw out children's strong will and potential.
(Available in Vietnamese, English, and Indonesian)

New Prenatal Education for Your Baby's Bright Future

This book presents stress relief exercises and image training for expecting mothers while introducing nutrients that develop babies' brains, precautionary measures for avoiding electromagnetic waves and parenting tips for influencing a baby's personality up to five to six months old.
(Available in Japanese, Mandarin, and Taiwanese)

45 Rules of the Shichida Family

Makoto Shichida, who passed away in 2009, and his son, Ko Shichida, introduce parenting methods that fully utilize children's brains.
(Available in Japanese, Mandarin, and Taiwanese)

The Mystery of the Right Brain

This book examines the mysteries of children's extraordinary memorization, calculation, and language acquisition abilities.
(Available in English, Vietnamese, and Indonesian)

Developing Babies' and Children's Intelligence and Abilities

Summarizes the points of Shichida Method education, which draws out children's innate abilities, with easy-to-understand illustrations.
(Available in Taiwanese, and Korean)


The following Shichida Books picture book series is our most popular in Japan and abroad:

Developing the Heart: Shichida Method Picture Book Series

Learn the basics of life such as helping around the house and table manners through fun stories!
Educate your children at home with this original Shichida picture book series.
(Available in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Lao, Vietnamese and Korean)

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