Shichida lessons are exciting and intriguing! Most children tell us that they cannot wait to come to the next lesson.
Each lesson is 50 minutes long and is packed with challenging activities.


mother & her baby

Classes are conducted with a maximum of six children and their parents. Yes, the “parents”. Parents are a significant factor in Shichida lessons. A parent sits right behind the child and takes the lesson together, especially for younger children*. They are often amazed at what their children can do and quickly learn about the role of a parent; Love, praise, and accept. They discover the correct balance of parent involvement to promote their children’s independence. Shichida classes are for parents as much as they are for children.

*Between three and four years old, depending on the children’s readiness, we ask parents to step away from the classes. Older children’s classes are usually conducted without parents present in the classroom.


Shichida instructors are carefully selected from among many candidates. To be qualified as a certified Shichida instructor, one must go through an extensive training and testing. Since the instructor holds the key to the success of our lessons, peer and managerial critiquing are conducted regularly to ensure the quality of our instructors.



Centers are located in populated areas where many young families live. They are conveniently located in shopping malls and residential areas. Please look for our logo wherever you go. Our uniformed employees are waiting to greet you with a smile.