Super Babies, Amazing Learning Ability, Multiple Talent, Holistic Personality, Multi Language Mastery, Social Skills, Creativity, Invention Ability, Parenting Capability, etc.

  • 04.06.18

Memorized a Sutra of Confucianism in a Short Period of Time

Yukei Yoshimura has strong recitation skills because he diligently worked on Shichida activities at home with both his parents. ...[more]

  • 12.06.17

The Shichida Method Appears on THE PROJECT

The Australian TV program, THE PROJECT, recently aired a story on Shichida Australia and featured Lejla reciting 100 digits ...[more]

  • 10.01.17

Raphael Featured on Little Big Shots Australia!

Rafael Nselei is a five-year-old boy who attends Shichida’s Chadstone Center in Melbourne, Australia. He loves science and memorized ...[more]

  • 07.21.17

Maten can identify 120 flags, maps, and famous people!

When Maten first came to Shichida at one year and nine months old, he was timid, couldn't speak, and ...[more]

  • 05.20.17

Balanced Education of the Heart!

In 2009, I encountered the book “Infant Education” by Dr. Makoto Shichida and felt his theories about prenatal education ...[more]

  • 05.15.17

Shichida Graduate: Luke Changing the World!

Shichida Australia Graduate Changing the World! How Will Your Child Change The World? Shichida Graduate Luke Making a Difference Luke's favourite animal ...[more]

  • 05.13.17

Bin learned to speak and sing at an early age (14-15 months).

Mother: Bin learned to speak and sing at an early age (14-15 months). Amazingly, he didn’t have a lisp ...[more]

  • 05.12.17

Chosen for the Olympic Ski Development Program!

Practicing the Shichida Method Sayuki Tobise (10) Hokkaido, Japan Enrolled in Shichida Method Right Brain Image Memorization Correspondence Course from 4 ...[more]

  • 05.08.17

We’re very proud of him.

Nem began to learn at Shichida in April 2014. During his years of learning, the most satisfying thing to ...[more]

  • 04.12.17

He’s proud of his development!

After one year of studying at Shichida, my son has made good progress in several developmental areas. He ...[more]